Get New Members Fast
We help you sell more memberships with more confidence
Get New Members Fast
We help you sell more memberships with more confidence
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The introductory meeting is to clarify and understand each customers unique challenges, values, passions and dreams.

Find Clarity

We help you implement a Growth Plan that will show you how to move forward and grow your membership base fast.

Get New Members

Grow your membership base and be in control. Get back more hours in your day and make the money you deserve.

"Advance Coaching is the best hands on, in depth business coaching around" 
Ray Brown F45 Training Labrador
Success Story
See how 1 Client went from 62 Members to 220 in just 4 Months
The Success Plan
1. Comprehensive Analysis Of Your Business

We can’t help you grow and improve until we fully understand where you’re starting from. At the first stage of your journey, we’ll spend 3 hours talking to you, examining your business and identifying your key concerns and pain points.

2. Goal Setting

Where do you want to be in the next two months, year or two years? Rethinking the long and short term goals of your business, setting realistic milestones and formulating a way to measure them effectively gives you and your team a clearly defined, cohesive path to growth.

3. Coaching and Support

Discover the key skills of Three60 Sales Mastery. Our intensive sales training program will reveal how you can get to know the psychology and behaviours of your members better than ever before, overcome common objections, build rapport with everyone you meet and outsmart your competitors to receive 10x ROI.

4. Building Systems For Success

As you work on your personal sales skills, it’s time to implement the proven systems and structures that will accelerate the growth of your business. Honed over years of experience in the industry, these systems will help you cut your working hours, retain more customers and draw in new members so powerfully; you’ll never have to ‘sell’ again.

"Running a  business without a plan is like throwing darts with your eyes shut"
Advance Coaching
Do I really need sales coaching? Why?
Plenty of small to medium sized gym owners successfully acquire and retain customers year on year without the help of a sales coach. However, for many people running their own business having the support and new guidance can take their business to the next level. This also stand true for investors new to the industry, ensuring the right sales structures are in place that will save significant money, time and stress.
Why you and not some other sales coach?
Great question. Just like you, Jacques has a passion for the health and fitness industry. With over a decade’s experience gained at over 100 fitness facilities of all sizes across Australia and New Zealand, he understands the industry inside out. He knows what works, time and time again, and even more importantly, he knows the mistakes and pitfalls you need to avoid along the way.
How long does the Three60 Sales Mastery Signature Program last?
The signature program is designed to give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to expand your business after just 12 weeks of intensive coaching.
How do I get started?
If you’re interested in starting your journey, contact Jacques to arrange your free consultation today.
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